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Upholstery Stapler

Get your project done right in less time with an upholstery stapler.

Upholstery staplers are generally larger models similar to those used in stapling down floors or electrical wires. They use large, heavy staples that are designed to penetrate and hold the fabric for many years into the future. Traditionally, these staplers only used very large gauge staples, however the advent of modern fabrics and the increased use of particle board and plywood in chairs has resulted in the use of thinner, longer staples intended to penetrate deep into the wood.

Every upholstery stapler shares the ability to hold heavy staples, which they inject deep into the substrate either mechanically or electrically with significant force. All staples are held in place purely by their static friction with the material they are embedded in. Because upholstery cannot give when sat on or moved about requires upholstery staple guns to be able to dig the staples in deeply and firmly.

There are two basic kinds of upholstery staplers, those that are electrical and those that are mechanical. In both cases, the staple is pressed in with a great deal of force, although in electric staplers this is done by the use of an electric motor as opposed to the squeezing motion of the operator’s hand. Mechanical electric staple guns tend to have springs and levers installed in order to make the compression easier, and also to allow more force to be applied to the staple to ensure it is embedded deeply.

Upholstery staple guns lack the “anvil” or portion which curves the staples as is found in office staplers, and use should be taken to not drive in staples too deeply or too near the edge, where they can cause injury. Upholstery staplers are generally considered superior to traditional tacking nails as they do not penetrate as deeply yet offer superior holding power and ease of installation.

Beyond your standard mechanical and electric upholstery stapler models are an assortment of varieties for specific tasks. A long-nose upholstery stapler has a long end far from the user to allow staples to be placed deep inside the furniture. This types of upholstery staple gun is ideal for seats and chairs where the upholstery staples must be placed significantly out of the way.

Heavy-duty staplers are larger and use very large staples suitable for chairs which experience extended use. They may even twist and bend the staples as they are inserted in order to improve their holding power. Most furniture manufacturers have a good understanding of the stresses involved in the use of their furniture, and it is not unusual for furniture to include suggested gauges and models in the instruction manual.

3 Popular Upholstery Stapler Models to Consider

Here are three of the most upholstery staplers available for sale today:

porter cable us58 upholstery stapler Upholstery Stapler Senco SFW08 Fine Wire Upholstery Upholstery Stapler surebonder 9600 pneumatic staple gun Upholstery Stapler

Porter-Cable Upholstery Stapler

Senco Upholstery Stapler

Surebonder Stable Gun

This well-made Porter-Cable upholstery stapler is a breeze to use and a must for anyone working on an upholstery project. This versatile, fine wire stapler is perfect for both upholstery and general home improvement projects. This budget-friendly staple gun will help you get a variety of jobs done quickly and professionally.

Here are some more great deals on some of the best upholstery stapler models available on the market today:

logo Upholstery Stapler

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